Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hello there, stranger(s) ...

You may not remember me. I was this blogger/writer/psychologist who disappeared a month ago, buried under deadlines and copy edits and wild new project excitement.

I'm back!

How are you guys? I feel so disconnected, and have thought of you often in the past few weeks. How about if I give you my updates--and then you can give me yours?

Here are mine:

First round revisions for SCAN are DONE. Hoping the editor is pleased!

I have the just-about final cover for SANCTUM! It's so beautiful, and I'm absolutely thrilled. This cover process could not have been better, and I can't wait to unveil it! More details on that in the very near future.

Copy edits for SANCTUM are done! In fact, the ARCs are being printed! Meep! I'm both giddy and horrifically nervous.

I have some very exciting website/SANCTUM extra things in the works, and I will be talking about those later this month!

I AM GOING TO BE AT BEA at the beginning of June. Oh, man. When I got that call from my editor, I was (am) both terrified and over-the-moon excited. Amazon party at this place. Book signing. Having to wear pants and look presentable. Gah.

Also, this happened:

And this happened:
(Oscar Bestseller is an imprint of Mondadori)

That's mostly it for me. There are a few more things I'll talk about in separate posts. And wow--the happenings in the YA and general publishing community over the last few weeks! I'll be posting my thoughts on some of those in the near future.

But now--what's happening with you? Anything exciting to report?


  1. I also have been off for the month, but I have nothing as exciting as you have to report. Congratulations!

  2. Busy lady. I just got done with the A-Z Challenge and now don't feel like blogging. Hope my muse recovers.

  3. Welcome back so glad you've had a productive time. Good luck and congrats!
    I've been on a blog break and I have an exciting blogfest scheduled for June. Announcement on 7th May.

  4. No news on my end, but congrats to you! Foreign rights are very exciting. Next stop: Hollywood.

    On the other hand, you know I'm just waiting to hear what you have to say about recent controversies. I know you need time to do your research though, so I'll be patient. :)

  5. Wow! You've been busy. I'm so jealous your going to BEA. I want to go one day, but it's out of my budget this year.

  6. Yay! Covers! ARCs! Meep indeed! Jealous much? x

  7. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!
    i've missed you like crazy!
    i'm sooooo happy for you about all your wonderful news! and i can't wait to see the SANCTUM cover and hear all about your further adventures in april!
    congrats on everything, lady!

  8. That's a lot of awesome! Congrats!

    Nothing really exciting over here. I used April to recycle some posts. You know, since April is all green and earth-dayish.

  9. Wow, congratulations Sarah. Looks like April was very good to you :)
    Best wishes for an equally productive month of May.


  10. WHEE! So much awesome news in one place! *flails* You go girl.

  11. "That's mostly it for me," you say? Well, that's some kinda IT, lady! Congratulations! Your insides must be bubbling like a volcano of happiness. Trust me, nothing I've done this past month comes even close to being that bubble over-able.

  12. Well, you may feel disconnected from the blogging world, but you sound well and truly CONNECTED with your own! Way to go, Sarah! Awesome news.

    I'm kinda the opposite. A to Z was just about it for April, now I feel disconnected from everything else :)

  13. Congratulations! Nothing exciting in this corner of writing land except preparations for Camp NaNoWriMo. :)

  14. That is awesome news, Sarah on the Italian and French rights!!!! I can't wait to see the cover for Sanctum.

    You have been busy (and greatly missed). :)

  15. WHoopeee!!!! It's all good to disappear if you are able to come back and spout off amazing news like this:) We missed ya, but understand!

  16. So much great news! And you're getting all your edits done nice and quickly. Can't wait to see you unveil your cover soon!

  17. Wow, lots of congratulations!!

    Nothing new here, but I'm excited to see your cover. :)

  18. Wow....lots of exciting things going on in your life. Congratulations!

    My news: last week I finished the first draft of my hf mg novel. I've been toying with the story for about two years, but finally pushed through and finished it. I realized as I wrote it, it was book one of a series. :)