Monday, July 23, 2012

Fun With First Lines: The winner of the contest ... AND THE ANSWERS

Last Monday, I invited you to play a little guessing game with the first lines from several of my manuscripts. And then I asked some questions. Here they are below, with the answers!

1. Which first line comes from the first manuscript I ever wrote?
ANSWER: B. "If I had fingers, I would dig them into the earth at your feet." That line is from a romance that I wrote in November 2009. An awesome learning experience.

2. Which first line comes from the manuscript I'm working on right now?
ANSWER: D. "By the time we cross into Sinaloa from Durango, I understand that I will never see my home again." This is a YA thriller, and ... I'm gonna go ahead and say it. I'm finishing the first draft of this thing TODAY. Rawr. Interestingly (to me), the process for writing this one was somewhat similar to Factory Ghost, in that I wrote it in three weekends while I was waiting to hear back on something else. That only happens every once in a while, and certainly not with every book.

3. Which first line starts out a manuscript that includes walking personifications of doom and violent death who happen to be very good at Irish dancing?
ANSWER: A. "The chauffeur drove them home from the hospital, maneuvering the amphibious limousine through the waist-deep canals in their Back Bay neighborhood." This is the current first line of an adult romance I wrote last year. I can't wait to share this one with the world. It's pretty fun.

4. Which first line is delivered by a character who is on an airplane?
ANSWER: E. "When you’re cornered, you find out what’s at the heart of you." This line is from a paranormal YA that I will hopefully finish next year! I put it on hold to write Sanctum's sequel and haven't gotten back to it.

5. Which first line is delivered by a character who is the daughter/son of a psychiatrist?
ANSWER: C. "Amy and I picked our way through the thick stand of trees, the only boundary between the high school fields and the cemetery." This line is from a YA thriller that has been indefinitely shelved. But I so love the characters and the premise ... who knows. It might get revived some day.

On Friday it was announced that Ruta Rimas at McElderry/S&S acquired one of my books (well, really, two), but FACTORY GHOST's first line was not included in this contest because it's about to undergo revisions and you never know what will change!

Anyway, the winner! I now realize I made this really really hard. But there was one person who got 3/5 correct, which turned out to be the high score! From now on, I will definitely be more careful and try to frustrate you a little less with my contests. But for today, the winner of the $10 gift card is:

Congrats, Christina! As for the rest of you, thank you so much for being such good sports. This turned out to be so hard that I couldn't help but think that there needed to be a consolation prize for getting 0/5 correct. So I took all the 0/5 folks and tossed their names in a hat and chose another winner of a $10 gift card ...


Er ... don't worry, Leigh! You were in excellent company! Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Congrats to the winners! I would've had 3/5, but I figured the psychiatrist would be in the Back Bay, and walking doom in the cemetery. Think I'll stay away from the Back Bay for a while...

    And ANOTHER BOOK? At this rate, I bet you need a new keyboard, too.

  2. It was fun anyway--regardless of how hard it was. :)

  3. Wow, I still can't believe you can put out a book in three weekends! Incredible! I suppose you write straight through, instead of fussing and clucking over each chapter for 2-3 days before continuing to the next one? :D

    Congratulations to Christina! Yay!

  4. Woot WOOOOooooooT!!!! Thank you. *dances*

  5. Ha ha, that was a great contest and I'm glad I got some of them right!
    Good luck on finishing your WIP today!

  6. BAH!!! :D The goose-egg prize just got good! That's awesome. Thanks, Sarah! Sorry I'm such a poor guesser. But I liked them all... And hey! Saw your announcement in PM! You're a superstar~ :o) <3