Tuesday, October 16, 2012

IT'S ALIVE!! Sanctum is loose in the world.

Well, hello there.

I need to tell you something.

My book is out. Like, you can buy it. Right. Now.

It's time to share my Lela-girl with the world. Oh, and Malachi, too.

This whole thing is surreal for me, and definitely a little bit scary, but I have to say, my overriding emotion right now is: GRATITUDE.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time with my publishers (Margery Cuyler and Tim Ditlow), publicist (Deborah Bass), and editor (Courtney Miller)--apart from my fantastic agent, Kathleen Ortiz, they are the people who have championed this book and who have made it possible for all this to happen. I don't have words for what their support--and their faith in this story--has meant to me.

So many people in the writerly/bloggerly community have helped me, made me better, supported me, cheered me on, cheered me up ... I can't even begin to name everyone. But to each of you, and especially those of you who read and comment regularly, please know I am and forever will be grateful to you for being part of my life and this publishing journey. I wouldn't be here without you.

Now, I'd like to answer a few questions I've gotten lately:

Where can I find SANCTUM?

Sanctum is published by Marshall Cavendish/Amazon Children's Publishing, so you can most definitely find it at Amazon.com, where the hardcover is currently $8.68 and the e-book is $3.99. The audiobook is about $10 and you can find it there as well. I only mention the prices because I think they are pretty sweet.

How about Barnes & Noble? Can I get it there?

You can find the hardcover and audiobook at  Barnes & Noble online (they've matched the Amazon price), but not in their physical stores, because it is currently B&N's policy not to carry Amazon Publishing books. If you're wondering what I think about this, I'll tell you: It is the right of any bookstore to stock what books they like, and it's never guaranteed they'll stock any particular book. I understood this when I chose Amazon Children's Publishing as my publisher. So although I'd love for every bookstore in the entire world to stock SANCTUM, I don't expect it, and I'm grateful to any store that decides to do so.

Can I get SANCTUM for my Nook?

At this time, Sanctum is a Kindle exclusive, which means that if you have a Kindle, you're golden. If you have any device with the Kindle app, actually, you're golden. If you have a Nook or Nook tablet ... what? Hey, don't look at me. I'm just blogging here.

Can I get it at my local indie bookstore?

Maybe (in person) and definitely (online). As I said above, every bookstore chooses what to stock, and some will decide not to stock Sanctum, while some might. If you have a favorite local bookstore, go take a look, and maybe ask if they're going to put it on their shelves (and if they do, by all means, reward them for it!). You can also purchase Sanctum online from your local indie bookstore at IndieBound.org.

And that's about it. Once again, thanks for hanging around. I adore every single one of you.


  1. Just uploaded it to my Kindle this second! Congratulations on your launch day!

  2. WOOOOT! Sarah, I am very *VERY* happy and excited for you!!!!!! *throws confetti* Off to get my copy (*CLICK*)!!!!!

  3. Congrats Sarah! Hmmm, which one to get....I am leaning towards audiobook. Have a great launch day.

  4. Congrats Sarah! So happy for you. Can't wait to read it.

  5. I bought the Kindle edition just now, so that I no longer have to touch my signed copy, and so that your first day sales will climb one tiny point higher. Seriously, Sarah - HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  6. Sooooo happy for you!! You deserve all the success the world can give you. You worked hard, and you marketed well. And I think you just made my decision whether to get a Nook or Kindle.

    *throws confetti and cupcakes in the air*
    *too excited to control self*
    ((watch out the cupcakes are a little dense))

  8. CONGRATS! I hope you have the best release day ever :)

  9. Wow! Huge congrats Sarah! I didn't know B&N was banning Amazon published books but I think the day that Amazon decides to open up physical shops , B&N will be in serious crapola a la Borders Books.

  10. Conratulations, dear daughter, from your,

  11. Woo hoo! And you're doing fantastic. I just downloaded mine! Here's to many happy sales! :o) <3

  12. (Okay, and UR dad's comment made me smile. And then get misty b/c I'm a nerd. Sweet. :o) <3

  13. So excited for your book! My preordered book just got mailed off to me. Squee!

  14. I preordered it a while ago. Can't wait to read it!

  15. Yay, super awesome!

  16. Yesterday when I got home, I ordered one for my niece for her birthday.
    It has already shipped!

  17. Congratulations again, Sarah! I can't begin to imagine how excited you are (though I hope to find out first hand one day. :-D ) I knew my Kindle would come to great use. I'm looking forward to reading Sanctum!

  18. I missed your book birthday! How did that happen!$%?*?! I join with all the others in saying congratulations and well done. I look forward to sneaking out from my middle grade dugout and reading SANCTUM.