Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SANCTUM blog tour: Creating characters that don't insult readers' intelligence

Yesterday was Sanctum's pub day, and man, you guys are so awesome. I spent the day floating. Also, eating sweets. But mostly floating. I got so many notes and Tweets from people who have known me these past two years--it meant so much to me. So thank you all!

Today for the blog tour, I'm in two places (sort of).

First: At Heroes and Heartbreakers, I talk about how writers create plausible heroines in action-driven YA.

And second, please go read Lili's review of SANCTUM at Tynga's reviews. Lili's review means a lot to me because she's a bona fide member of my target audience. All my trade reviews and at least half of my Goodreads reviews come from adults, which is awesome, but whenever a teenager reads my book and shares her thoughts, whatever they are, I sit up and take special notice. Particularly because I happen to know Lili writes sharp and thorough reviews ... so please check it out!

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  1. Thank you for having me on the tour, Sarah! I forgot to check out my little post on your blog on Wednesday, but I'm here now and I smiled at that cute little blurb! I'll have my eyes open for Scan and Factory even though they seem like their publication dates are years away.