Friday, October 12, 2012

SANCTUM blog tour: My Writing and Editing Process

Helloooo ... this is the last blog tour stop for this week, and on Monday we'll start up again! Today I'm at the Compulsive Reader blog, talking about my writing and editing process. Please go over and maybe share your own? And if you do, please sign up for the giveaway there.

Also, there are active giveaways going on here (Laura's Review Bookshelf--lots of chances to get multiple entries) and here (Reading Teen--all you have to do is tweet and you're done!). These are for finished copies of the book, which, if I may say, is pretty.

Thanks for being so supportive, guys. It's very strange to be promoting the book like this, but I've sincerely appreciated your patience with it, and your well wishes.

Until next week ...


  1. I can't wait to get my hands on the published version. I've already pre-order it. :D

  2. What a pretty stack of books <3 I just got yours in the mail today Sarah and I screamed slightly! A wonderful gift to come home to after stressing out the night before to submit my college application.