Monday, October 15, 2012

SANCTUM blog tour resumes! YA and psychology at Book Brats.

Today in the real world, I'm in New York, meeting with the awesome folks at Amazon Children's Publishing and celebrating tomorrow ... when SANCTUM is unleashed. I'll also be having coffee with another of my fabulous editors--meeting her for the first time in person! Because I am that lucky.

Today in the blog world, I'm at They asked me to write a bit about psychology and YA, which was a great opportunity to talk a little about why YA is my favorite thing ever. If you do head over there, there's another chance to win a hardcover copy of Sanctum.

Also: I blogged this weekend about bullying and cyberharassment, in light of recent events, and about creating a culture of compassion within our world of bookery. Just wanted to mention that.

One more day. Less than 24 hours. You can't see me right now, but I'm probably shaking. Or prancing around NYC with my agent (her words, not mine).


  1. You prefer prancing over skipping. Noted! :)


  2. A culture of kindness is such an excellent thing to foster. You're my idol in that department!

    Can't wait for the release!

  3. Prancing is good warm up for happy dancing.