Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dark City Survival Guide

This post--my "dark city survival guide"--went up yesterday on the Amazon Kindle blog, but I was kind of wrapped up in shuttling my children from place to place post-Sandy to post it here! (we're fine, by the way, just lost power for ~30 hours or so)

I hope all of you had a fun Halloween and that you made it through Sandy okay, too.


  1. glad to hear you're okay, and what a great twist on an interview!

  2. Glad you got power back! We were only out for a little less than 24 hrs.

  3. I'm ashamed to say we never lost power except for 5 minutes on Sunday night during the climax of The Walking Dead. Every county surrounding us was clobbered. I don't know how we escaped without harm and only a small inconvenience (considering the episode replayed an hour later.)

  4. Good to hear you're fine after Sandy. 30 hours without power is a loooong time!